During a recent MLS workshop I was provided the number of visitors to Massachusetts libraries (2014-statistics) 37,089,488. This is amazing! This flat Massachusetts project will allow children to observe the number of libraries in our state and the connection between each of us as we share our resources. Our Facebook Page will allow libraries to track Flat Massachusetts and view the number of push pins that have been added each week. I encourage participating libraries to take a picture of flat Massachusetts and post to the special Facebook wall. At the end of the summer, I will create an illustration by affixing push pins to the map that represent all libraries across Massachusetts, using embroidery floss I will connect the participating libraries using gold embroidery floss and black embroidery floss will represent the libraries that did not place a push pin on the map.

Louis Dennis

Wood Carving Display at the library of two winning carvings entered in the Monson Annual Wood Carving Competition

South American Bee-Eater Bird-Won most realistic song bird

Great Grey Owl Won 1st place & People's Choice Award

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​​​​​ Friends of RML

Richards Memorial Library


Tuesday & Thursday

1PM-8 PM

Wednesday & Friday

9 AM-5 PM

Saturdays 10 AM-2PM

​(Closed Saturdays in the Summer)

No Lego Club:

Friday, May 26


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​44 Richards Ave

Paxton, MA

(508) 754 -0793

Bike Rodeo/Paxton Days/Balloon Twister

​When: Saturday, June 10th


Bike Rodeo  9:30-11AM

​Balloon Twister 11 AM-2 PM

​Paxton Days 11 AM-3 PM

 ​​ Lego Club

Days: Wednesday & Friday


Time: 3:15 P.M. -4:00 P.M.

​Appropriate for ages 5 and older (younger children may attend with an adult parent/guardian attendance and participation is encouraged for all ages!)

Last Saturday: June 24th

Backyard Astronomy: Come in to borrow the library telescope!

Please come on in to check out the library telescope to observe objects from your own backyard using a technique called star-hopping and learn how easy it is to use!

This telescope was donated to the library by John C. Root in memory of his wife, Susan E. Root, and is maintained by Aldrich Astronomical Society, Inc. as part of their Adopt a Library Program.


Visit our library to check out the May 2017:  

Skull display: Christopher Gleason